Fall in love

“I want to get his attention, only his attention. I want him to look
at me, hear me, think about me and always talk about me. I want
his last words before sleeping to be my name, and in the morning
his first words to be my name too. He would love me so much that
I would define myself in him as crazy and calm. I would be lost,
then found and lost again. I would know my deep and my shallow.
He would recognize me in a million people, distinguish me easily.
Only he would hold my hand. He would be only mine. I would give
him every song and my scent would stay on him. I would see him
falling and rising from my love. When he is exhausted, I would
crown his exhaustion with my love. He would burn with the fire of
love and I would bring him water, but not to extinguish the fire. I
would not want his fire to die.
Lara hadn’t told anybody why she left her master’s unfinished
and went to the U.S.A. She also told no one why she didn’t work
with Taner anymore. She was not able to carry on living in the
same city as the married guy whom she loved. Taner was married
to Eylül already, and Lara was married to a season of sorrow.

When Taner entered his room he saw a white envelope next to
his black leather notebook. There was no name on it. He immediately
tore it and skimmed through it.

When love first came, it wasn’t playing drums in the street of
heart. First, it seemed as a wounded gazelle or a small child who has
lost everything in an earthquake. It stood in the corner in such a naive
way. If nobody touched it, maybe sorrow would have left it there.
Love begins when you notice it. When there is something and that
something is right, the naive child whines. The more you feed that
child, the more he become a part of you. When love wants to leave,
you give everything not to let it go. It is you who is naive, not love. It
is love who stays, but you have already left the place.






Treasure Island: The Season of the Heart




The universe would be the color of a person’s heart. When one sees the universe with their heart, it would be black, white or rainbow colored.

Cihan could see his actions reflected in the outer world. Sometimes they were good, and sometimes they were bad; sometimes they caused joy, other times sorrow. However he couldn’t see his actions in his soul’s mirror. When he complained about the storms inside him, it was he who was unaware of them. Was there really a storm?

The steel rope between his feelings and thoughts became a thin cotton one. His head and heart couldn’t connect and swim in the swallow water. A strong wind made his heart a mess. He had to wear lots of things to warm it, but they were not enough. He had a hole inside and the cold was coming through it. He wouldn’t be able to get warm as long as his heart was cold.

Cihan was worried. He cared and was interested in his heart, and as a result it became heavy. How could he perish under his own organ? How could the source of his life crush his head? He would have no escape other than to have a heart attack maybe. Would his heart riot against his body in this way?

Cihan was terrified of breaking hearts, but this caused him to break his own heart a hundred times. His body made excuses to do things its own way. His soul disobeyed its owner and lied about its own history.

There were some hearts that couldn’t reach themselves and hear their own voices. When the emptiness echoed, they thought they had their answers. When they thought they were in the depths of pleasure, they were pushed back to their gardens.


Alcatraz: Upside-down World
Lara was putting bars on the window of her heart to complete the view in her mind. She looked behind the bars, pouring concrete on the feet of her looks. She ignored the ones demolishing the wall before her eyes because she was applauding the ones building the walls. Everything was upside-down. Lara would have put it right if she had known how to.
Homes rising from the ground clung to the roofs raining from the sky. The roof was upside-down so lives hung in the air. People had to walk upside-down to live in these homes or demolish them and build new ones.

In the world of upside-down souls, trees hung from the skies and stars gazed from the ground. One had to climb to the stars to go from one place to another.
Lara tried to walk upside-down in her upside-down world. She wasn’t successful though. She realized that changing herself was more difficult than changing the world.