The Ear Window

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             Nicole was not able to let the right noises in. There was a construction site nearby and all the machines were on. The lawnmower
and the leaf collector were working in the garden. Moreover, there
were sirens: ambulances and fire trucks. As if they were not enough,
there was a party at the neighbor’s house and the music was loud.
Nicole’s shadow ran to the windows to close them. The noises
coming through the ear window marched round the house. With
every closed window, the noise army withdrew a little. Their boot
prints were on the carpets.

They were marching in the chaos.
Nicole was under attack from these noises. She couldn’t live to a
cinema sound system all the time. It was impossible to get used to
the noises coming through her ear windows.

When she had closed all her windows, she became aware of the
noises inside. A baby voice was inside Nicole; her inner child was
crying. It was the millionth time that she had ignored herself, but
her shadow was determined.

“I want to hear myself.”

She became deaf to the dominant voice of her soul and heart.
Listening to her inner voice was sometimes like hearing the
walking of an ant.

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