Angel Island 

Angel Island: The Surgery of Oneself
Cihan was in the surgery room of the soul as he was planning to cut out everything ugly and bad. He lay himself down on a big stretcher, turning the white lights on to see everything better. He was as hungry as the wolf in the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ story. He had to release himself from unreasonable dreams, bad ideas and bad acts, then ultimately he would become an angel.
Cihan lay his body down on the stretcher and scratched his eyes out to stop them from taking a fancy to the beautiful ones. It was time to cut off his ears so as not to hear tempting offers. He then cut out his tongue so as not to say anything bad. After breaking his nose to purify himself from bad smells, he cut his hands so he couldn’t press the red button.
The door of the Imperial Suite in his body palace was locked. It was hard to enter his heart. He had pulled everything out and assumed he would be lighter now, but all beauty had left him as it couldn’t be seen where there was no ugliness.
Becoming an angel was not possible for a human.
“Why has the beauty left? I did everything to make her to stay with me.”
It was not possible to exist without your opposite. Good was only good when compared to bad. There would be no good deeds without sin. Beautiful was not beautiful when nothing was ugly.
To open those doors, you had to turn what you had into goodness and beauty.

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